Independent Audiobook Awards & Catching Up!

Dang, a bunch of stuff has been happening these days and I’m trying to stay on top of it all!

Top of the list - I’ve been nominated for 3 Independent Audiobook Awards, mostly thanks to my awesome authors-
Unsouled by Will Wight in the YA category.
Death Rites by E.A. Copen in the Paranormal category.
Blood & Oak by Garrett Bettencourt in the Fiction category.

I’m pleased as punch to be nominated so please forgive this mild horn-toot :)

The full list of nominees is here, a whole load of fabulous people, several of whom I’m fortunate enough to know.

Books have been steadily dropping on Audible, and I’ve been lax updating here -
The SuperStation TBS pulpy goodness of the Talon the Slayer series is loads of fun, and Tantor recently took over E.A. Copen’s Lazarus Codex series while keeping me aboard (of which Death Rites was the first) and the subsequent three books are all now released.

APAC is in a week, and I can’t wait to see so many good friends again in NY - I’ve been looking forward to it for ages! It’s such a wonderful battery recharge to be around so many great people.

Too Much Cool Stuff!

Underlord is live! And it’s amazing, my favorite of the whole Cradle series thus far!
But also, Tusmiko and the Enslaved Fox, and Kimiko and the Accidental proposal are ALSO released, and also wonderful.
And I can’t forget The Electrical Menagerie - steampunk circus mystery! C’mon, that’s fabulous!

Also, lots of neat stuff coming up, including the next two books in the Lazarus Codex series, and also Talon The Slayer, for all your Space-Conan-Flash-Gordon needs.

Whew. I’m having a ball.

Ghostwater - And Underlord Imminent...

Just in time for the next book in the Cradle series, Ghostwater is now live on Audible, and I’m finally officially caught up! And Underlord, which releases March 1st, is already recorded and in proofing… which hopefully means very little delay after the book’s release.

Ghostwater is kickass. And boy did I have a lot of fun with Dross.

Check it out here yo.

The Razor

J. Barton Mitchell's The Razor is coming out on November 27th, and I was the lucky critter that got to narrate it, and whoo-boy was it kick-ass. So here's an excerpt with my absolute favorite character, and also a really nice whiskey.

I luh-huh-huh-OOOVED it.

There are a couple swears if that makes your ears burn, fair warnin'.

Book's here if you're the preordering sort! (You ARE?)


Will Wight’s Cradle series is incredible.
Check out the currently released volumes (more forthcoming) on Goodreads

Unsouled, #1 in the series, is now up on Audible, and I just wrapped #2, Soulsmith, a few days ago.
I feel unbelievably lucky to be narrating these. They’re flat out great, and Will is building something really special.

‘Nuff said! Check ‘em out! I can’t wait to get rolling on Blackflame!

Unsouled on Audible

Nemesis 2&3 and Blood & Oak

The big news today is that Blood & Oak has been released -

Garrett Bettencourt approached me about narrating this, and boy am I glad I did. This is Garrett's first novel, but you'd never know it - it's exceptionally well written and self-assured, with great characters. If you like some Black Sails in your Master & Commander, this book ought to hit you just right. I loved it to bits and so glad I got the chance to narrate it, and Garrett was a pleasure to work with. Later this year I'll be narrating the next volume, Wolves Will Eat, and I'm super-looking forward to it.

I'm so pleased with how the audiobook turned out - it's right over

Garrett also has a site here worth checking out.

In other news, Nemesis Book 2 &3 are available, and both 4&5 are recorded. I've enjoyed the series a lot and am really looking forward to recording the last of the 6. I remain firmly #TeamMorena. Great fun!

Check 'em out


APAC and More New Stuff

It's belated to talk about, but I went to APAC - the Audio Publisher's Association Conference - in NY for the first time this year and it was such a wonderful experience. The Audiobook community has to be the most friendly bunch of people I've ever met. I came away from it with a bit of a glow, I gotta admit. I met so many wonderful people, too many to list, but sitting down with Matt Godfrey was a real highlight for me.  

In other news, multiple new books up, including Nemesis Book One by David Beers. This is a 6 book series, and I've completed 3 of them, and I just love it to bits. #TeamMorena all the way.

I've also just wrapped narration on Blood & Oak, by Garret Bettencourt -
I can't say enough nice things about it. I had an absolute blast reading and narrating it. The writing was exceptional, the characters wonderful, the storytelling tight. Go read it! Or wait a little bit and listen. I don't care as long as you check it out. It's good, y'all.

A Bunch of Releases

Quite a few books have snuck out without a post -

Jackals - by Charles L Grant. I really like southern noir and well-written pulpy horror and this fits the bill. Grant has a spare, sort of dreamy style that I really enjoy, and Jackals is interesting in that it feels like a window into a story that has been going on for a long, long time. You get little peeks backward, and there's so much intimation of history between the characters, but you mostly see them tired and old, at the end of the race. I really enjoyed it.

Check it out

EMP Aftermath series, by John Winchester - I've never done EMP/Survival before, but recently completed this trilogy for Tantor, and they're all out now (or about to be, anyway) -

Check out the first

And last but not least, Whistling Past the Graveyard, from Kevin J Anderson, who has written a huge number of books, worked with Brian Herbert on the continuing Dune saga, as well as the Jedi Academy trilogy.  Whistling Past the Graveyard is a prequel to Kevin's epic Saga of Shadows series.  This was a load of fun to do, and it's a real privilege to be one of the narrators in a series that includes George Guidall and Mark Boyett - even if I'm not pitching in the same league.

You'll probably appreciate it best if you have some familiarity with the other books in the series

And check out the rest of Kevin's oeuvre here -

The Flaw In All Magic

I really enjoyed this one - The Flaw In All Magic, by Ben S Dobson, is an Arcanepunk/Steampunk mystery following a non-magical duo of investigators. Loads of fun! Also, I don’t get to voice female half-orcs that often, so I gotta jump at the chance.

Check out Ben S Dobson's site HERE.

I’m starting up narration on the sequel in a week or two, and really looking forward to it.

Audible link is HERE.

Martin Marten

I'm so excited that my first Audiobook for Tantor Audio is now available!

Martin Marten, by Brian Doyle (Mink River, The Plover)

I feel extraordinarily lucky to have gotten to narrate this book. It's beautiful, joyous, and surprising. Effectively, it's an exploration of how similar the lives of animals and humans are to one another - by showing, in twin narratives, just how rich our worlds are when laid side-by-side.

You could be forgiven for thinking this was a YA book with talking animals - but that's not the case at all. And while I think it's a wonderful YA book, its appeal is a lot broader than that.

Take a peek



Childgrave - Slow-Burn 80's Chiller

This is the second book I've narrated for Valancourt, some genuinely cool folks. It's a slow-burning chiller that's hard to pin down - disquieting, but also funny. The protagonist, Jonathan Brewster, is an interesting and quirky guy - and that's what carries you through the first half of the book, when things start to take a turn for the unsettling.

Check it out

Audition Punch&Roll Extension

Several months ago I built an extension for Adobe Audition which allows for true, non-destructive Punch&Roll. I really love it, and I released it publicly for free on the Adobe Exchange. I've set up a central page here with links to installation instructions, as well as video tutorials. Hopefully this will serve as a nice central repository for anyone interested in this extension.

View it HERE

Black Marks & The Brains of Rats

Two books I truly enjoyed narrating are now out!
Pete Aldin's "Black Marks" - which is a unique take on Werewolves that I'm pretty sure you haven't seen before. A real joy to read out loud. 

Black Marks on Audible

Next up is "The Brains of Rats", by Michael Blumlein. This is a short story collection of weird fiction, horror, and sci-fi written by a physician. It's often otherworldly and strange, but was great fun to do.

The Brains of Rats on Audible

Audiofile Earphones Award!

I'm honored and flattered (who am I kidding, I'm super-jazzed) to have been awarded an Audiofile Magazine Earphones Award for my production of Jack McGuigan's "Dog Walker".

This is one of the most fun books I've narrated, and I just couldn't tell you how tickled I am.
It's available on Audible here, and is such an ejoyable book -