APAC and More New Stuff

It's belated to talk about, but I went to APAC - the Audio Publisher's Association Conference - in NY for the first time this year and it was such a wonderful experience. The Audiobook community has to be the most friendly bunch of people I've ever met. I came away from it with a bit of a glow, I gotta admit. I met so many wonderful people, too many to list, but sitting down with Matt Godfrey was a real highlight for me. http://www.mattgodfrey.net/  

In other news, multiple new books up, including Nemesis Book One by David Beers. This is a 6 book series, and I've completed 3 of them, and I just love it to bits. #TeamMorena all the way.

I've also just wrapped narration on Blood & Oak, by Garret Bettencourt - 
I can't say enough nice things about it. I had an absolute blast reading and narrating it. The writing was exceptional, the characters wonderful, the storytelling tight. Go read it! Or wait a little bit and listen. I don't care as long as you check it out. It's good, y'all.