Nemesis 2&3 and Blood & Oak

The big news today is that Blood & Oak has been released -

Garrett Bettencourt approached me about narrating this, and boy am I glad I did. This is Garrett's first novel, but you'd never know it - it's exceptionally well written and self-assured, with great characters. If you like some Black Sails in your Master & Commander, this book ought to hit you just right. I loved it to bits and so glad I got the chance to narrate it, and Garrett was a pleasure to work with. Later this year I'll be narrating the next volume, Wolves Will Eat, and I'm super-looking forward to it.

I'm so pleased with how the audiobook turned out - it's right over

Garrett also has a site here worth checking out.

In other news, Nemesis Book 2 &3 are available, and both 4&5 are recorded. I've enjoyed the series a lot and am really looking forward to recording the last of the 6. I remain firmly #TeamMorena. Great fun!

Check 'em out